Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

Product Description

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, also known as ascorbic acid and it is an essential nutrient required to form and maintain bones and blood vessels. Its deficiency symptoms include fatigue, muscle weakness, joint and muscle aches, bleeding gums, and leg rashes. Prolonged deficiency can cause scurvy.


Vitamin C Coated 97% & DC Grade

Vitamin C – Strength Details

Each Kg of powder contains 970 gms of Vitamin C IP/BP/USP


  • More stable
  • Uniform coating
  • DC grade material can be used for direct compression


  • Vitamin C is a powerful and effective antioxidant that protects our body from free radicals that
    cause oxidative stress
  • It reduces the severity of cold symptoms and acts as an effective antihistamine agent
    Repair and maintains healthy bones, cartilage, teeth, and even speeds up the healing of wounds,
    burns and broken tissue
  • Plays an important role in protecting the brain and nervous system from the harmful effects of stress
  • It helps to improve vision and prevents the development of cataracts
  • It also ensures proper dilation of blood vessels which helps to protect against certain diseases
    like atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, heart congestion and severe chest pains
  • It Promotes the Production of Red blood cells in the Bone Marrow and even prevents blood clots
  • It plays an important role in the production of antibodies and increases levels of interferon and
    boosts the immune system


  • Manufacture of pre mixes
  • Vitamin C can be used in tablets & capsules
  • Vitamin C powder is mainly used in common multivitamins preparations
  • Used in dietary supplements
  • Antioxidant along with Vitamin E & Alpha Lipoic Acid (Thioctic Acid)