Sodium Caseinate

Product Description

Sodium Caseinate is a product developed by the efforts of in house
R & D of Supreem Pharmaceuticals. It has improved solubility,
high protein content and the bulk density can be altered within
certain parameters.

Sodium Caseinate is a spray dried high quality milk protein for use in a
variety of food applications. The most important applications of caseinates
are mainly due to their Good Solubility, Water Absorbability,
Emulsification Characteristics, Stabilization of Emulsion and Foaming Capability.

Sodium Caseinate – Supreem Specialities

80 / 90% of protein content.
Good Dispersibility.
Good Wettability.
Food supplement prepared with pharmaceutical care.


  • Sodium Caseinate is used as an emulsifying and thickening agents. It is incorporated into recipes as stabilising agent.


  • Bakery products
  • Ice cream manufacturing
  • Dietary supplements
  • Health food industry
  • Meat production